Fall 2012 Trail Running Shoe Review

ALTRA ZeroDrop Superior, $95 [Editor’s Pick: Best Ride]

8.9 oz. (m), 8.2 oz. (w)

Fit: The Superior has a comfortably snug fit through heel and midfoot, and opens into a wider toebox, meant to mimic the shape of the foot, for a roomy, not sloppy, fit.

Feel: With just enough cushion and Altra’s zero heel-to-toe drop, these trail runners felt sublime (with no bulkiness or added weight) from the moment we laced them up. They had a semi-firm feel underfoot, which was just fine with our testers—even on short stretches of pavement.

Ride: Remember when you got new shoes as a kid and they inspired you to run far and fast? That’s what it’s like hitting the trail in these responsive runners. From technical steeps to rolling cruisers, low-profile, multi-directional lugs provide great traction without compromising ground feel or flexibility. The rounded toebox allows for natural foot spread and enhanced maneuverability.


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