Fall 2012 Trail Running Shoe Review

Brooks Adrenaline ASR 9, $120

11.3 oz. (m), 9.5 oz. (w)

Fit: A roomy feel from heel to toe makes the Adrenaline ideal for wider feet, but a higher volume heel cup makes for sloppy downhill running if not properly cinched. Elastic on the midfoot eyestays allow laces to give a little, which adds to the shoe’s long-wearing comfort for full-volume feet.

Feel: Going with the “more is more” theory, Brooks has endowed these easy-ride, road-to-trail cruisers with enough posting, arch support and cushion in a lighter weight, traditional 12mm drop package to help die-hard roadies get dirty.

Ride: Our testers logging 50+ miles on trails a week generally said they didn’t get the responsiveness or trail feel they were after, but runners who ran a mix of road and trail reported loving its cushy rebound and ability to perform well from pavement, to grass and dirt roads.


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