“Blade Runner” To Race Against A Horse

Pistorius competing at the 2011 world championships. Photo: PhotoRun.net

The South African will test his speed in Qatar.

He may be one of the fastest 400m runners on the planet, but how will South African sprinter Oscar Pistorious hold up against a horse?

According to the Sport 24 Web site, Pistorius will be squaring off against an Arabian as part of the “Run like the wind” campaign in Doha, Qatar. The race is to help highlight the positive contribution people with disabilities have made to local communities.

Pistorius, who recently competed in the 2012 Summer Olympics, had this to say about the race on Twitter: “Racing An Arab Horse on Wednesday night for the #runlikethewind Campaign in Doha. @DohaGOALS going to be INSANE!”

The South African went on to say via a press conference that he will be prepared for the competition.

“I am going to do great deal of stretching,” he admitted. “I will make sure I have enough protein in my system.”

Pistorius contends he will be competing for five more years and then transition to charity work–helping raise awareness for landmine victims.

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