European XC Champ Lalli Tacking Marathon

The Italian has already shown promise at the half.

It took a large dose of confidence for Italy’s Andrea Lalli to win the gold medal at last weekend’s European Cross-Country Championships in Hungary.

“I came to Budapest to win, so why should I be surprised?┬áThe truth is I am good when there are no injuries or problems of any other kind,” he said after his victory.

Lalli had been training at altitude in Iten, Kenya–a simple place that he calls home. “Human relationships count for more with me than what other might call modern conveniences,” he said. “I would much rather spend an evening [in Iten] talking with a couple of friends than watching television.”

The 25-year-old will now be setting his sights on training for a debut marathon. He’s already shown promise at the half, clocking 61:11 for that distance.

“Together with my coach, Luciano de Pardo, I just want to make a start at the distance and have a valuable experience,” he explained. “I would also like to do some track races in the summer, but it clear my future is on the roads.”

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