Farah Still Doing The “MoBot”

Mo Farah's signature move is more popular than ever. Photo: PhotoRun.net

He can’t escape doing his trademark move for fans.

British distance runner Mo Farah has made it to the big time. At last summer’s Olympic Games, the 29-year-old made history when he won double gold in the 10,000m and 5,000m events.

“Oh, it’s great,” Farah admits. “My life has changed so much since the Olympics. I used to walk down the street, just being myself or with my wife, and nobody knew who I was.”

Things are different; Farah is a celebrity.

“Now they all know. They do the Mobot and shake my hand and tell me where they were when I won. Even when I’m running in the park, people shout my name or run beside me for a few steps doing the Mobot.”

Farah currently lives in Portand, Oregon. He is coached by Alberto Salazar, who also coaches American Galen Rupp.

Since he was 22, Farah has wanted to be the best distance runner in the world and admits that he’s been putting in the mileage and workouts to make that happen.

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