Jez Bragg Running Across New Zealand

Jez Bragg will be averaging 40 miles a day in New Zealand. Photo: The Independent

He’s doing it for the love of the sport.

A lot of runners try wild running feats. Some race from Pole to Pole, while others traverse an entire continent. Most of these diehard athletes do it for the charity of their choice or some other noble reason, but this isn’t the case for ultra running ace  Jez Bragg.

He’s decided to run the 1,863-mile Te Araroa (“The Long Pathway”) trail in New Zealand just for fun.

The 31-year-old, who won the arduous 2010 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, a 101-mile race around Europe’s tallest mountain, will average 40 miles a day. He set out on Tuesday.

“Wanting to run the Te Araroa came about from my love of off-road trail running,” he admitted. “In training for the big trail races, I noticed that the parts where I had the most fun was when I was on long runs in remote places; I really enjoyed losing myself in the runs where the journey was more the point than the destination. This seemed like a true journey, the pinnacle of what I can do.”

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