“Universal Enterainment” Team Wins Ekiden

Universal Entertainment dominated Japan's Corporate Ekiden. Photo: IAAF

They had been working at it for nine years.

A team bearing the name “Universal Entertainment” proved victorious at the 32nd edition of the Japan Corporate Women’s Ekiden, a relay race that is called the “Queen’s Ekiden”. The annual race takes part from Matsushima to Sendai and occurred last weekend.

A total of 29 teams, who had to compete through regional rounds, ended up racing each other in a marathon-distance event that comprised six stages in total.

For the Universal Entertainment team, led by coach Yoshio Koide, this was the first victory in nine years.

Koide has an impressive resume; he’s acted as mentor for athletes Yuko Arimori and Naoko Takahashi.

According to the race report posted on the IAAF Web site, Kayoko Fukushi, who is the Japanese-record holder in the 5000m and half marathon had the most impressive leg of the race (third).

Universal Entertainment’s lead was quickly established, when, in the first leg, Rui Aoyama moved to the front near the end.

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