5 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

These popular websites cover a wide range of topics that center around running.

Blogs are everywhere, with well-known personalities and complete strangers alike sharing all the details of their latest adventures, meals or cutest cat pictures.

But, a handful of blogs go beyond being just a diary for their closest friends and find a way to connect with a wider audience. And, plenty of them do it through running.

Running-related blogs range from the inspirational to training logs to in-depth sites about gear and biomechanics. Though there tends to be a male-female divide, with moms often writing more about their personal lives and popular male bloggers writing more gear reviews, readers can be found on both sides of the line.

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There are plenty of popular running blogs not included here, from Black Girls Run to Sweat Science, but the following five well-known individuals bring their perspective to the internet – without staffs or multi-layered websites. Just them, running and writing. Check ’em out!

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