5 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

Sarah Moore writes that Skinny Runner is " a blonder, wittier, skinnier, funnier, saracastic-er, more entertaining version of me." Photo: www.skinnyrunner.com

Skinny Runner

Though not the first, Skinny Runner is something of a grandmother of female running blogs.

Skinny Runner, also known as Sarah Moore, likes to joke that she picked that name because Normal Jogger didn’t sound as good. She’s posted daily updates of her workouts, pictures of her running outfits, and race recaps since January 2009. When she first started, Moore would post three times a day and slowly built up readership.

“It’s like a relationship in that you can’t force it, you just have to work at it and let it grow on its own,” she said.

Though she began as a very casual runner – doing a half marathon with no training – Moore is relatively competitive now, racing dozens of marathons a year with a best of 3:14. While she makes some money off the site, she also works with her family, who are commercial fishermen, in Alaska over the summer. The rest of the year, she writes self-deprecating posts about her life and running.

“Life is tough enough without me complaining and dragging you down into my stresses,” she said.

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