5 Running Blogs You Should Be Reading

Pete Larson's background in biomechanics and interest in running shoes form the basis for his popular RunBlogger blog. Photo: www.runblogger.com


RunBlogger is a bit like the scientific standard in running blogs. But, Pete Larson, a biologist and long-time runner, didn’t even start out intending to write a running blog. He simply started a blog and found that his posts about the science of running attracted lots of readers. In 2009, he launched RunBlogger.

Now, with a site full of very detailed shoe reviews and posts on biomechanics, people are constantly asking for help picking shoes or asking other questions about running.

“Probably not a day goes by that I don’t get a few emails,” said Larson.

The blog has given him the opportunity to write a book about running and next year he plans to take off from his job as a college professor to give it his full attention. Since a complete review can take up to three hours, with all the research he puts into it, right now it’s like he’s doing two jobs.

“It’s nothing I would have expected,” said Larson.

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