Chicago Runners Team Up To Help Injured Athletes

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CHICAGO – Icy gusts may be blowing off Lake Michigan, but serious and amateur Chicago runners alike are always in training mode.  This year, according to experts, up to 45% of runners will suffer an injury. In an effort to get runners a quick and accurate diagnosis and back into training, the Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) announced it is teaming up with MetisMD, a leading provider of online second opinions in radiology. Through the partnership, CARA runners will have access to MetisMD’s network of top U.S. radiologists who will read their MRIs, XRays and others scans and turn around a comprehensive diagnosis within 24-48 hours.  Runners can take that information back to their physicians so they can pursue the best course of treatment for their injury.

“Injuries happen and an accurate diagnosis is key to overcoming them,” said Dr. Gregory Goldstein, Founder and CEO of MetisMD. “We’re excited to team up with CARA to make sure that Chicago runners have all the information they need to pursue the right course of treatment and get back to training for their next big race.”

MetisMD will also participate in CARA training sessions to help educate runners about ways to prevent injuries in the first place.

“One of the most important things we do is to make sure that our runners are not only achieving their goals, but doing so safely,” said Wendy Jaehn, CARA’s Executive Director. “It’s with this key mission that we welcome MetisMD to the CARA family.  We know this will make a huge difference in helping our runners’ achieve their individual potential.”

MetisMD allows patients to upload their radiology scans from anywhere in the world and speak one on one with a leading U.S. radiologist about their findings. Since launching a little more than a year ago, the  service has already made a difference for Chicago-area runners, among many others.

“I hurt my knee training for a marathon last year and didn’t know if I was looking at a career-ending injury,” said Chicago runner Jen Routman, a MetisMD patient. “I sent my scans to the doctors at MetisMD on a Friday morning and I knew that evening whether or not I could do a 20-mile training the next morning.   I had a diagnosis, and solid information to take back to my physician. As a result, I was eventually able to continue my training and complete the marathon.”

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