Legacy Of Modern Olympics Founder Lives On

Pierre de Coubertin. Photo: EmpowerSport.com

Pierre de Coubertin is the father of the modern Olympics.

On January 1, 2013 a special anniversary will be commemorated. On this day 150 years ago, Pierre de Coubertin was born.

For many the name may not ring a bell, but de Coubertin is an important figure in the history of the modern Olympics. In fact, it was de Coubertin who established the modern games 118 years ago.

His personal motto was, ““Look far, speak frankly, act firmly.”

The French educator advocated that sport strengthened not only the body but also the will and mind.

However, it’s important in these sports-centric times to realize that this kind of mindset was unconventional. In fact, de Coubertin even thought that his views were “a dream and a chimera”.

Still, despite these doubts and obstacles, the passionate Frenchman remained steadfast. He ended up becoming the second president of the IOC and went on to become that body’s longest-serving president at 29 years.

One of de Coubertin’s most significant accomplishments was concept of the Olympics rings.

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