Marathoning Policewoman Catches Suspect

Hannah Graham holds up her running medals. Photo: Daily Mail

She had been training for the Loch Ness Marathon.

The long arm of the law just got a little longer in England. According to a report posted on the Daily Mail’s Web site, 31-year-old Hannah Graham of Birmingham was able to put her marathoning skills to good use recently.

Graham is a police officer and when a man who breached his restraining order escaped on foot, she ran him down and caught him.

“I chased him along three streets before he gave up, we’d only been running for about half a mile, though it was more of a sprint rather than marathon pace,” Graham admitted. “He was quick but he burnt out quickly because he didn’t have the stamina. He gave up but I didn’t.”

Graham says she is currently training for the Loch Ness Marathon later this year. She says she runs three times a week and takes her training very seriously.

The caught fugitive was later charged with two counts of harassment.

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