Mo Farah Helps Troubled Brother

Mo Farah has been reaching out to his younger brother. Photo:

The Olympic champion is serving as a positive role model.

There’s no doubt that double Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah is an inspiration to many runners. After all, the Somali-born British citizen has been on a real tear on the track and roads in the past few years.

Farah, who is coached by Alberto Salazar, currently lives and trains in Portland, Oregon.

However, despite the distance from Oregon to London, he keeps in touch with younger brother, Omar, who is just 20 and has run into some hard times, including getting booked in a juvenile jail and routinely smoking marijuana.

Mo has been helping him out.

“Mo’s success has inspired me to do something with my life,” Omar says. “I don’t want to doss around and get into trouble with the police.”

Omar was born in 1992 in Somalia. One year afterward, Farah’s father, Mukhtar, fled war-torn Somalia and eventually met mother Fosiya Mohamed upon settling in London.

“He gave me a little talk when I got put in remand and he said, ‘If you actually did do it, just ride your time, get out, and just change your life.’ I made sure I kept my head down and listened to my brother’s advice,” Omar said of his brother.

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