Officials: Global Warming Affecting Kenyans

Average temperatures continue to climb in the Rift Valley. Photo:

Average temperatures have been rising in the Rift Valley.

There are a lot of implications caused by global warming.

According to Kenyan athletic officials, the trend of rising temperatures could make things increasingly difficult for its athletes.

“Our country is known for its high performance around the world in middle and long distance,” said Secretary General of Athletics Kenya, David Okeyo. “However, climate change associated with hot weather spells is bringing a lot of complications.”

One of these complications is making the Kenyan highlands less attractive to foreign runners who train in its highlands.

According to a study by the Kenya Meteorological Department and the Kenya Medical Research Institute, in the past 11 years, the average annual temperature in the Rift Valley has risen by 1.5 degree Centigrade.

“That is a serious matter. It has affected the performance of our athletes as practice become difficult for them,” says Okeyo.”When it’s basically hotter than usual, the body has less energy to perform high energy demanding tasks.”

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