An Ultra That Everyone Can Finish

The inaugural Cotswold Way 100 Mile Challenge Run gives new runners a chance to try out the ultra. Photo: TNT Magazine

There are no time limits between stages.

For most runners, completing an ultra marathon (a race longer than 26.2 miles) is a daunting task–and adventure–that takes much preparation and courage.

A new company called 100 Mile Run is trying to change that stereotype by hosting a race called the Cotswold Way 100 Mile Challenge Run. An English race scheduled for August, participants will run (or walk) 102 miles in 4 days and admire the rolling hills and cream-colored Cotswold stone villages.

What’s unique about the race is that there are no time limits. This allows participants to finish at their leisure.

Participants will be provided with pre-established tent sites where they can receive ice baths and sports massages. Food, drink and other entertainment will also be available.

Race director Rick Morgan contends that anyone who is reasonably fit can finish this event. They don’t need to be seasoned ultra runners.

The course takes runners from  Bath to Chipping Campden in the United Kingdom.

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