Great Running Adventures: Running Around Mt. Kilimanjaro

Sometimes running isn’t about a race, but about the adventure. My trip to Tanzania in October was the opportunity to experience Mt. Kilimanjaro in a way no one else had. Instead of running up and down the 19,341-foot mountain like many ambitious trail runners have done, I engaged in an adventure that entailed running around the base of Africa’s largest mountain. Take a look at the photos and you’ll see that it was an experience of a lifetime.

Krissy Moehl is race director for the Chuckanut 50k in Fairhaven, Wash. She is also a professional ultrarunner. In 2012, she was the first female at the October 2012 Otter African Trail Run marathon in South Africa, first female at the 2012 Mt. Masochist 50-miler in Virginia in November and fourth female finisher at both the Hardrock 100 in Colorado and Western States 100 in California. For about from Krissy, go



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