Farah, Rupp Working With Sprint Coaches

Galen Rupp (left) and Mo Farah are working with a sprint coach to improve their finishing speed. Photo: www.photorun.net

Olympians are looking to improve their closing speed.

Alberto Salazar, the coach of Olympic medalists Mo Farah and Galen Rupp, is known for taking unique approaches with his athletes.

The latest was reported on the Oregon Live Web site.

According to the report, Salazar has sent the distance runners to Los Angeles, where they are working with sprint coach John Smith as well as Ralph Mann, a sprint consultant and an expert on biomechanics.

Salazar wants his athletes to be able to change gears at the end of their races, going from a tactical pace to a sprint in the closing lap. Considering that most closing laps of elite distance races these days are clocked under 60 seconds (a sub-4-minute mile pace), Salazar’s approach might not be a bad idea.

Rupp and Farah will be in Los Angeles for two days, where they will have their running form videotaped. When they return to their training base in Oregon, the lessons they learn from Mann and Smith will be put into practice.

For More: Oregon Live

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