Inca Trail Marathon Takes Runners Higher

Photo: Washington Times

The race is now in its second year.

On August 15, runners with adventure in their hearts have a chance to do something extreme: running a trail marathon at an elevation of 13,000 feet.

The race, now in its second year, is called the Inca Trail Marathon and Mini Marathon. It traverses one of the oldest trails in South America, one negotiated by Incas from Cusco, Peru to Machu Picchu.

Typically, it takes hikers three days to complete the trek.

However, last year’s winner was Ryan Maxwell and he finished in 7 hours 44 minutes and five seconds. Those wishing to take part in the race must complete it in 12 hours.

“We are an organized race,” says co-founder Myra Rasmussen. “We have aid stations, we have porters along the way in case anyone gets lost and we have bibs so that we can identify our runners at all the checkpoints. We try to make this as seamless as possible.”

The course offers four aid stations with purified water, sports drinks, and energy foods.

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