Salazar Defends Farah’s London Decision

Alberto Salazar thinks his athlete has done nothing wrong. Photo:

He says his athlete was asked by organizers to run the half this year.

Double-Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah is under increasing scrutiny back home in England for his decision to run just half of the London Marathon later this year.

Apparently, the Somali-born British citizen will be paid approximately $380,000 for entering the race.┬áHis coach, Alberto Salazar has now rushed to his athlete’s defense.

“I don’t think it’s hurting the race,” Salazar said. “That’s silly. It was [former London marathon meet director] Dave Bedford’s idea. We never had heard of a situation like this. Mo didn’t make it up. I didn’t make it up.”

Salazar went on to point out that Farah, who plans to debut at the distance next year in London, wanted to train on the course this year.

“If they think this is in the best interests of their race, I don’t know how anybody can criticize Mo,” he pointed out.

Mo Farah won his gold medals in the 5,000m and 10,000m events at last year’s Olympics in London. He currently trains in Portland, Oregon.

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