Spring 2013 Running Shoe Review

Saucony Virrata, $90

6.6 oz. (men’s); 5.5 oz. (women’s)

0mm heel-toe offset

FIT: The Virrata is snug and secure in the heel and midfoot, and slightly wider in the toebox to promote toe splay and forefoot flexibility.

FEEL: Soft and comfortable, yet surprisingly adroit. Even though it is plushly cushioned with a traditional stack height under foot, it is very flexible and doesn’t inhibit the natural motion of the foot. With a zero-drop profile, this shoe offers the trappings of modern design while still offering plenty of under foot cushion.

RIDE: Sublime. For a shoe with a modern low-angle geometry, it has a smooth, soft and nimble interaction with the ground. Testers loved this shoe as both a long-distance jogger and an up-tempo cruiser.

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