Spring 2013 Running Shoe Review

Altra Torin, $115

8.6 oz. (men’s); 7.8 oz. (women’s)

0mm heel-toe offset

FIT: Sporting Altra’s customary curvy, bulbous shape, the Torin is secure in the heel and midfoot while the toe box is adequate but not overly roomy.

FEEL: Altra continues to dial in its comfort and performance factors with the Torin, which is appreciably more forgiving, flexible and cushioned than any of its previous models while still offering a zero-drop profile. The outsole is stiff yet springy and there is quite a bit of midsole foam (and a 28mm total stack height off the ground), but some testers suggested the shoe lacks torsional flexibility and the heel counter to be fairly rigid.

RIDE: On the road, the Torin delivers a smooth, comfortable ride, more like a luxury SUV than a finely tuned sports car. The tucked-in heel helps eliminate inadvertent heavy heel-striking while the semi-firm undercarriage offers the right blend of cushioning and responsiveness.

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