Spring 2013 Running Shoe Review

Karhu Flow3 Trainer Fulcrum, $115

8.5 oz. (men’s); 7.0 oz. (women’s)

8mm heel-toe offset

FIT: The updated Flow has a low-cut heel collar, all-mesh upper and a moderately snug feel from heel to toe, though slightly more relaxed compared to other shoes in this review.

FEEL: Light, flexible and low to the ground, this shoe finds a happy medium between low-profile minimalist and cushioned lightweight trainer. As such, it’s versatile for several types of running, from long slow distances (for lighter, biomechanically efficient runners) and tempo runs, to speed workouts and racing from distances 5K to the marathon.

RIDE: Given that it’s so low to the ground and flexes so easily, the ride is predictably natural, free and uninhibited, making it inclined to run at faster speeds with anything but a heavy heel-striking gait. A firm wedge of foam under the heel seems to aid propulsion and add some semblance of structure without negatively impacting stride.

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