Spring 2013 Trail Running Shoe Review

TrekSta Sync, $125

Category: Versatile Cruiser
Weight: 10.9 oz (men’s); 9.5 oz (women’s)

Fit: A beefy foam collar promotes a secure heel feel, with the cinched down feeling continuing through the midfoot and opening to a wider toe box.

Feel: TrekSta promotes the “nest fit” of this shoe, meaning it’s been designed to cradle and hold the shape of your foot. Translation — it feels like it has a built-in orthotic (both with and without the insole liner). Some testers were fanatical about the sensation, but those preferring less structure were not.

Ride: How this shoe ran depended on whether or not testers liked the feel. The positive camp was excited to experience the low-riding feel of a 4mm, more to minimalistic shoe, with the added benefit of solid support, dual-density midsole and some extra spring from forefoot pods. “The ‘nest fit’ takes the pressure off my arch and allows for a more stable footfall and still allows for a neutral position.” Naysayers said the ride felt flat and the forefoot pods felt like, “funny bump under the ball of my foot.”


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