Spring 2013 Trail Running Shoe Review

Patagonia Gamut, $125

Category: Versatile Cruiser
Weight: 10.1 oz (men’s); 8.2 oz (women’s)

Fit: The Gamut has a solid, medium fit from heel to toe, with enough give to be well suited for medium to wide feet.

Feel: Support without too much structure is the driving feel of this neutral shoe. The upper has sewn overlays for protection and structural support, as well as a sturdy heel counter, but most of the upper is a breathable foam and open mesh construction, with some stretch for movement. The sole has enough cushion for ground insulation, but not enough to interfere with sensing the trail.

Ride: While comparable in weight to some of the more supportive shoes we tested, the construction of the Gamut delivered a light and responsive ride on the trails, with enough heel stability for light heel-strikers and smooth forefoot transition and push-off for mid-foot strikers in the group. A rock plate and moderate, multi-directional lugs gave confident boost for scrambling over varied terrain.

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