Spring 2013 Trail Running Shoe Review

Scott T2 Kinabalu, $120

Category: Versatile Cruiser
Weight: 9.9 oz (men’s); 8.0 oz (women’s)

Fit: The Kinabalu fits medium in the heel and narrow across the instep with a standard volume toe box.

Feel: From the more traditional 11mm drop to firmness underfoot, these feel like an old-school running shoe retooled with modern lightweight materials (including the soft but very resilient midsole foam), which may explain why testers “really liked them” but couldn’t quite explain why.

Ride: Scott’s rocker construction helps give a smooth stride transition for both heel and forefoot strikers (heel strikers noticed it the most), and the streamlined design was good for a nimble ride with a secure grip. With a moderately burly tread, rock plate and water drainage ports, testers liked them as a good “all-around” shoe that can handle short to long mileage runs.

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