At 52, Meghan Arbogast Keeps Getting Better

Meghan Arbogast isn't letting her age slow her down. Photo: Oregon Live

She defeated a 29-year-old last month in a 50K race

Despite the fact that most runners slow down by the time they reach 50, ultra-running specialist Meghan Arobgast is defying the odds.

The Corvallis, Oregon resident and massage therapist recently won the Way Too Cool 50K last month at the age of 52, defeating 29-year-old Rory Bosio in the last mile of the race.

Arbogast’s finishing time was 4:06.

“I think it’s a matter of taste,” Arbogast said of her running. “Some people really like the 5k, to do intense work and run fast. I like to slow down a little bit and run further and further. Nothing makes me happier than to put on a pair of shoes and run all day long.”

Arbogast’s victory marked her fifth occasion running the race.

“It’s funny,” she said. “I don’t consider myself to be super emotional and girly, but I got emotional when I passed that woman I beat in the last half mile. I thought, ‘I’m almost 52 and I’m winning this race.’”

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