Athletics Kenya ‘Concerned’ More Runners Will Test Positive for PEDs

Matthews Kisorio was one of 13 Kenyan runners caught taking performance-enhancing drugs last year. Photo:

A secret commission was set up in January to investigate doping among Kenyan athletes.

With 13 Kenyan runners already having tested positive for banned substances, some officials in the country’s athletics association are worried that the number could be higher.

From January 2012 to January 2013, the 13 athletes were caught and punished after testing positive for a variety of doping products. A German documentary released before the London Olympics alleged that doping was widespread in Kenya’s high-altitude training camps, with dealers pretending to be doctors while handing out steroids and other banned substances to the athletes.

David Okeyo, the secretary general of Athletics Kenya, told the Associated Press he and other officials are “concerned” that more of its athletes could be found to have cheated.

“The number is going higher. That’s why we are all concerned,” Okeyo said.

The Kenyan government formed a secret commission in January to investigate doping among its elite athletes, which Okeyo said he and Athletics Kenya support.

“They’ve put a lot of money into it and we will support it,” Okeyo said.

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