Bleak Times For Dublin Marathon

For the first time in nine years, runners will have to pay more to run the Dublin Marathon. Photo: Irish Times

Organizers are struggling to find sponsors.

The annual Dublin Marathon is going through some significant challenges. According to a report posted on the Irish Times Web site, organizers for the race held in Ireland’s capital say that sponsorships are down and as a result, elite prize money will be slashed by a third.

Additionally, the race entry fee will be raised for the first time in nine years.

“Things are pretty bleak,” admits race director Jim Aughney. “It just happened that most of our contracts expired around the same time. We lost a title sponsor last year, and while we have talked with a large number of companies and feel we have a very strong package to offer, unfortunately everyone we’ve spoken to so far has opted for nothing.”

The Dublin Marathon has been around for 34 years.

“We certainly haven’t thrown in the towel just yet, but right now we’ve had to cut our elite athlete budget completely,” Aughney said. “For the past number of years we’ve invited up to 30 runners, many Kenyans and Ethiopians, paid their way here, and put them up for a couple of days. That’s gone.”

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