Boston Marathon Runners Share Their Stories

Angela Machado. Photo: Jessie Sebor


Angela Machado

São Paulo, Brazil

1st Boston Marathon

Before the tragedy… “It was fantastic—like a dream. It was a glorious moment for me. I finished in three hours, 13 minutes.”

During the explosion… “I didn’t see anything. I went back to my hotel with my boyfriend and to me, everything seemed normal. When I was coming down the elevator to have lunch, one guest told me two bombs went off. I thought it can’t be as big as he said. Then we went out and we saw the streets full of policemen.”

Today… “My feeling today is worse than yesterday. Today, I realized. You know, I did the New York Marathon and the day after, everybody said, “Oh you did the marathon congratulations!” Today, it’s, “Oh, you were there.” I had by best time. I’m supposed to be happy, but I don’t want to celebrate.”

Looking forward… “I plan to do other races here [in Boston]. I love it.”

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