Boston Marathon Runners Share Their Stories

Abraham Rodriguez and Maria Matheus. Photo: Jessie Sebor

Maria Matheus and Abraham Rodriguez

Houston, TX

1st Boston Marathon (for both)

Before the tragedy… “I had very high expectations for myself. I was hoping to do a very good time, but it didn’t happen.” —Rodriquez

 “It was a tough race, we are from Houston, so it was hilly for us, but it was a very enjoyable marathon.” – Matheus

During the explosion…“After I finished, I was walking toward our meeting point set. The noise was really loud, but everybody thought it was fireworks. Then, when I started to see the commotion—people running and police and sirens. I talked to a girl who was crying and a guy who was in shock. They had just crossed the finish and saw everything. I was a little scared because I didn’t know where my wife was. I tried to call her right then—finally she got through.” — Rodriquez

“They stopped us coming under the bridge. Soon they had more and more news and explaining what was happened. People were giving out water and trash bags, because it was so cold.” — Matheus

Today… “We’re sad, in disbelief.” — Rodriquez

“We were dreaming to come here. That changed what we were expecting.” — Matheus

Looking forward… “It’s something that’s indescribable, but still, life goes on. We need to be strong. Definitely we’re coming back. We’re still proud of being here.” — Rodriquez

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