Boston Marathon Runners Share Their Stories

Linda Hensman. Photo: Jessie Sebor

Linda Hensman

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

2nd Boston Marathon

Before the tragedy… “Things were going really well. It was a fabulous day. I was really pleased at how I was doing. I was going to get a good time for me.”

During the explosion… “We were stopped with 1k to go. At first, I thought, “Oh darn! I’m not going to get my best time.” Then, I realized it was serious. Everybody was very calm and controlled. Considering the circumstances, the organizers did a fabulous job. We walked, got our gear and went back to the apartment I was staying in and watched the news.”

Today… “It’s more traumatic today than yesterday. I’m terribly sad, for society, for America, particularly for the people who’ve lost loved ones, a family who has lost a son, a daughter who is severely injured. It’s tragic, absolutely tragic. And senseless.”

Looking forward… “I’ve had tremendous support. The strength you get from expressions of concern is absolutely phenomenal. That really helps me get through the difficult times.”

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