Boston Marathon Runners Share Their Stories

Diana Babor. Photo: Jessie Sebor

Diana Babor

Ottawa, Canada

2nd Boston Marathon 

Before the tragedy… “I almost didn’t run this year because I had an injury to my upper shin. That morning, I dreaded even walking. As I was thinking how I’d really prefer to watch from the finish line the words “lean not onto thine own understanding” came to mind and I got dressed to run.

During the explosion… “I had about 700 meters left. I was looking at the corner where you turn and everybody was standing still. All of a sudden everyone turned and came running down and said there were bombs. I started to get very cold so I jumped into a Dunkin’ Donuts and a very kind gentleman offered to buy me a coffee. The volunteers were outstanding, beyond the call.”

Today… “I didn’t get much sleep. I was walking around Boston Common this morning and thinking of an old song ‘There’s Got to be a Morning After.’ I feel for this city, I feel for this country. I feel grateful that some greater force was looking out for me.

Looking forward… “There’s definitely a change in the air. It’s not happy, but there’s always resilience to get people through. I posted a few things on Facebook about my experience and I’ve been taking a lot of photos. That’s helped. And I absolutely will be back. This city is fantastic. I wish I lived here. The people here are amazing, so attentive and comforting.”

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