Boston Marathoners Finish Their Race In Okla.

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon started in 2001 to memorialize those who perished in the 1995 terrorist attack on the city. Photo:

The Boston Marathon was halted two weeks ago when two bombs exploded near the finish line.

A week after the Boston Marathon bombings brought chaos to the city and halted the race for thousands of runners, organizers at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon invited those runners who did not finish Boston to their race at no charge.

Runners would be responsible for travel expenses, but the entry fees were waved for whoever wanted to visit Oklahoma and finish what they had started.

A handful of those runners took that offer and completed their journey.

One of those runners was Diane Sherer, whom profiled Monday morning. A Texas resident, Sherer drove from her house in Garland, Texas Saturday morning, the day before the race. Running with her friend Christy Korns, Sherer was able to finish the 10th marathon of her life when she crossed the line in 4:42:28.

It would have been marathon No. 11 for the 50-year-old had she not been forced to stop running in Boston a half mile before the finish line because of the explosions.

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