Colin Peddie: The Healing Has Begun

The scene inside Marathon Sports on Boylston Street, 48 hours before a bomb exploded outside. Photo: Brian Metzler/Competitor

The owner of Marathon Sports shares his thoughts about last Monday’s blast that took place outside his store. 

The response from retailers and vendors from around the country has been overwhelming. I cannot possibly respond to everyone in a way that puts the situation into context. Here are my thoughts and feelings of the last few days, as I reach out and thank my fellow runners, retailers, and vendors. Reprinted with permission. 

My first run since Monday started innocently enough. It was me, the trail, and the sky above and no one else. I thought it was going to be a normal run with usual thoughts: How lucky I am to have found a passion that, given my ’type A’ personality (and then some) allowed me to dull the edge before beginning my day, that paid for college, and has allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.

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As I stepped onto the trail I immediately began to think of whether I was running away or running toward something. It was neither. I was in the moment and could not get away from what happened at the finish of the Boston Marathon. Whether I was running slow or fast there was no getting away from it. The emotions of the last 36 hours washed over me like Niagara Falls. How lucky was I to have left with my son 45 minutes before the explosion. That none of my staff was injured. That friends and family of our staff, while injured, were okay. It is truly a miracle that it was not worse.

As my eyes watered I started to really let go. After tripping over a root and bouncing off a tree, I told myself to straighten up, as I was losing my vision from all the tears. “Don’t be so soft,” I said to myself, trying to shake the emotions that were overwhelming me. Get a hold of yourself! It was no use. I then convinced myself that it was okay to cry because I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy to have my health, my family safe, the Marathon Sports family uninjured and that it was not worse. Sad for those injured and who died, the BAA, the running community, and the city of Boston.

Much has been taken away from us in Boston. Can we feel free to run without a hint of reservation because the unthinkable will occur again? The running community in Boston is going to pick itself up and run again. We are strong, Boston strong, and will once again feel the innocence of the run and what it means to each one of us. Just not now, not today or tomorrow….but soon.

The healing has begun. The overwhelming support from our retail and vendor brethren has been incredible. I thank you so much for the support as we begin to heal our company and the running community in Boston. Together we can and will overcome this senseless tragedy and become stronger and more connected then every before.

All the Best,

Colin Peddie
Marathon Sports

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