Flooding Likely To Affect Fargo Marathon

Organizers had to re-route the 2009 Fargo Marathon because of flooding. Photo: www.shutterstock.com

Snowmelt could swell the Red River past its breaking point.

Flooding could affect the Fargo (N.D.) Marathon that is slated for May 18.

Because of heavy snowmelt, race officials are mulling the idea of re-routing portions of the course because of expected flooding. There is still snow on the ground and when it all melts, it will likely flood the area — which is what happened four out of the last five years.

The Red River has to reach 23 feet for the streets to flood. Meteorologists are forecasting a swell of 38 feet this year.

That means one of the streets that is part of the half- and full marathon courses — at miles 3 and 8, respectively — will be under water.

Race director Mark Knutson said he will make a decision by May 1-3. Regardless of what happens with the course, the race will remain a Boston Marathon qualifier.

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