It’s Electric: Paris Marathon Will Harvest Runners’ Energy

Tiles will line a portion of the Paris Marathon route to capture runners' energy. Photo: Pavegen Systems

Competitors will run across tiles that harvest the energy in each footfall.

If runners at the upcoming Paris Marathon are not energized enough to complete the 26.2-mile journey, the course will provide a power boost.

A portion of Sunday’s route, specifically a 25-meter section on the Champs Elysees, will be lined with tiles that will capture and harvest the energy runners create when they run on them.

The energy will be used to power electronics along the course, like signs and display screens.

Organizers will not reveal how much energy they think will be generated because there is a contest for who can guess the correct amount. A story in Business Week says each footstep amounts to about eight watts.

The tiles are made of recycled truck tires by Pavegen Systems.

For more: Business Week

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