British Paper Offers Last-Minute Marathon Taper Tips

Tapering runners need to be careful and not do too much before their race. Photo:

The British-based Guardian Web site seeks to help runners before a big race.

Now that we are in early April, many marathoners are reaching that point in their schedules where it’s time to cut back on the mileage and gear up for races like the Boston Marathon (April 15).

What can runners do with all this nervous energy?

The Guardian offers a few tips.

Author Ben Hurley says that famous runner Sebastian Coe has this to say about the taper: “There’s not much you can do in the last few weeks to improve your performance, but there’s a lot you can do to mess it up.”

Hurley goes on to point out that runners need to use the final two weeks before the big race to wind down, heal up, and build up their reserves before they face the start line.

In the article, sub-2:20 marathoner Pete Marsh provides a two-week schedule that starts with 13 miles and ends up with an easy 4 miles three days before race day.

For More: The Guardian

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