London Organizers Planning Secret Farah Exit

Mo Farah is expected pull out of the London Marathon near the Tower Bridge. Photo:

Where exactly the top British runner will pull off the marathon course is still hush-hush

The fact that double-Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah is running half of next weekend’s London Marathon is not a secret.

It’s also public knowledge that the Somali-born British citizen is being paid £700,000 to do it.

However, what is a secret is exactly where Farah will finish the race.

According to an article posted on the Daily Mail’s website, Farah should finish the first half near Tower Bridge, but exactly where and how he will exit the race is a closely guarded secret.

“We cannot disclose operational details, both to ensure crowd safety and in order not to disrupt the race in any way,” said a race spokesman.

Apparently, there are three options for Farah to stop running — all of which are near the Tower Hotel, which serves as the logistical hub for the 26.2-mile race.

Many elites in the running community have expressed doubt as to why Farah is running just half of the marathon.

For More: The Daily Mail

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