Roach Defends Big Sur Marathon Title

Photo: Running USA

Nuta Olaru was the women’s winner and also a reigning champ.

For most of the Big Sur Marathon last weekend, 29-year-old Adam Roach was behind the leaders. However, the Pacific Grove, Calif. defending champion made a late-race surge and caught the leader, Josh Whitehead, to win in 2:27:46.

“I had a lot to make up in the second half of the course, but I knew I could do it,” admitted Roach afterwards. “Every time we got a straightaway where I had a view I could see that I still had a shot.”

Matthew Laye took second and his race unfolded much like Roach’s picking off people in the second half of the marathon.

Laye, who boasts a 2:27 PR, came across the line in 2:28:48. Third place went to the former leader, Whitehead. Long-time marathoner and ultra marathoner Michael Wardian was fourth in 2:31:54.

The women’s race also went to a defending champion, as Nuta Olaru won with a 2:50:02.

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