Runner Profiles: 2013 State Of The Sport

Photo: Running USA

The “average” runner tends to prefer technology and the 5K.

Running USA conducts a comprehensive study every two years.

This survey assesses demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, habits, and product preferences of the running population nationwide.

And the results aren’t that surprising: First, runners tend to be highly educated, with nearly 76 percent of the respondents having a college diploma.

Runners also tend to be affluent, with 73 percent saying their household annual income is $75,000. The median U.S. household income is reported to be $52,700.

The National Running Survey is conducted electronically to running event participants, running club members, specialty running shoe store visitors, subscribers to running publications, and those who frequent the online running community.

The survey population totaled 30,425 runners nationwide.

Naturally, the “profile” of an average runner can vary, but here are some key trends: runners tend to be technologically savvy. They tend to run alone and prefer working out in the morning as opposed to the evening.

And they are more likely to participate in a 5K or a half-marathon.

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