Steve Jones’ Incredible 1985 Marathon Victory

Steve Jones remains one of the greatest marathoners ever. Photo:

The Welsh world-record holder ran a blazing 2:08 that year.

In the annals of the London Marathon, many exciting races come to mind, but perhaps one race in particular stands out most in terms of one man’s dedication to excellence.

His name is Steve Jones and the race was the 1985 edition.

Jones, a Welshman and RAF mechanic, didn’t appear to be on the path of a world-class marathoner.

After all, he was a smoker between the ages of 11 and 19.

Once he was enlisted in the Royal Air Force, however, his running career began to take off. In 1976, he came in seventh in the Welsh cross-country championships. This ranking should have allowed him to join the nine-man team that headed to Worlds, but for some reason he was left off.

The fire had been lit from that point on.

Jones went on to win the 1977 championships and a further eight titles.

On the track, he first took to the steeplechase, but he ultimately found his stride in the 5000m event.

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