Technology: 5 Running Apps Worth Checking Out

MapMyRun and RunKeeper

When it comes to running and GPS tracking apps, we’re declaring a tie. Austin-based personal trainer Karen Shopoff Rooff, who recommends both MapMyRun and RunKeeper to her clients, said that the primary fitness app people ask for is something to track activities, store information, and create statistics over time.

While there are a number of these kinds of logs — among the most popular are Nike+, Endomondo and Strava — the two that runners gravitate to are MapMyRun and RunKeeper.

Both apps are free (though you can upgrade to a paid version) and both use the GPS in your phone to record your activities, including pace, distance and location. Both also sync with an online logging system that creates long-term graphs of your workouts, and both encourage you to share with friends.

RunKeeper also has a number of coaching plans to pick from. MapMyRun has more maps and routes, since it is born out of the popular mapping Web site, as well as a place to store your nutrition data.

“Having all of this information further motivates people by holding them accountable,” Shopoff Rooff said.

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