Technology: 5 Running Apps Worth Checking Out

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

The second most common thing people look for in fitness apps is a calorie counter or diet helper. MyFitnessPal, which has a food and exercise tracker to record calories in and out, is one of the most popular and addictive weight loss apps.

The free app brags that it has more food items in its database than any other calorie counter, which is important when it comes to logging multiple meals a day. The app also lets you scan a barcode to log an item. The usual challenges with logging creative ad-hoc meals are still inherent in this calorie counter, but you input recipes and have it measure the nutritional value.

With a primary focus on dieting, the app gives you the ability to track exercise and create goals that can be shared with friends — adding additional motivation.

A word of warning, however: don’t overstress about the targets it sets. Eat healthy and trust your instincts.


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