Technology: 5 Running Apps Worth Checking Out

Zombies, Run!

If you’re looking for more motivation from your smart phone, then Zombies, Run! may be the app for you.

Choose either the “epic adventure” for $7.99 or the more structured 5K zombie training plan for $3.99. Each version plays like a video game, forcing you to run away from zombies and save civilization. The app comes with audio cues and a story narrated over your music. It also syncs to a Web site for the game, where you can see how many zombies you avoided, what supplies you picked up, and how many people you saved.

“The app distracts you so much that you forget about running and, in the end, you run farther and faster than you may have originally planned,” said Wendy Flynn, a running coach and author of the One Tough Mother Runner blog.

And it works. According to the company, over 300,000 players have logged over 6 million kilometers and avoided 350,000 zombie hordes. (Note: as long as you run slightly faster when it tells you to, it’s hard not to avoid the zombie hordes.)

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