Technology: 5 Running Apps Worth Checking Out

Charity Miles

Less than a year old, the Charity Miles app does one thing and one thing only: it raises money for every mile you run, walk, or bike.

After logging into the free app, simply choose one of the 20 participating charities and then start running. Every mile — tracked with the phone’s GPS — earns money for the charity you picked, at a rate of 10 cents/mile biked and 25 cents/mile walked or run. Corporate sponsors have backed the donations up to $1 million and, presumably, other sponsors will step up after that $1 million mark has been hit.

The app, which won an award at the South by Southwest Festival when it was introduced, has become incredibly popular primarily because of its ease of use. Just throw it in your pocket when you head out and you made a donation.

“I use Charity Miles for almost every run, at least I try to,” Flynn said.


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Kelly Dunleavy O’Mara is a journalist/reporter and former professional triathlete. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and writes for a number of magazines, newspapers, and websites. You can read more about her at

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