Zola Budd Returns To Race In South Africa

At 47, Zola Budd still thinks she can win silver at Comrades. Photo: PhotoRun.net

She is hoping for a silver medal at Comrades.

Famed barefoot middle-distance specialist Zola Budd is making a comeback of sorts. The legendary South African, who lives in North Carolina, will return to her native land to compete in two key races there: the Comrades and Two Oceans marathons.

Last year, Budd, who is a two-time gold medalist at the World Cross-Country Championships (1985 and 1988), ran Comrades.

“I have been training very differently from last year and have upped my mileage significantly as I am much stronger now,” she admitted.

The 47-year-old Budd is mentored by nine-time Comrades winner Bruce Fordyce.

“I’ve thrown in some very tedious hill runs on the treadmill and I have also added some serious track workouts,” Budd said. “Whilst Bruce will be helping me while I am in South Africa, I don’t have a coach this year, but a friend has been helping me plan my build-up training. It is very difficult to stick to a set program when you have three kids and travel as much as I do.”

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