American Olsen Wins World 24-Hour Champs

Jon Olsen ran 269.675 kilometers over a 24-hour period to win the World 24-Hour Championships. Photo: IAAF

Team USA takes both the men’s and the women’s titles in Holland.

Last weekend’s 10th World 24-hour Championships was all about Jon Olsen. The American won the race, completing 269.675 kilometers in the span of one complete day.

Team USA also secured the second-place spot with John Dennis covering 262.734km. Third place went to German’s Florian Reus (259.939km).

The annual event was held in Steenbergen, Holland.

Olsen didn’t make his move until the halfway mark. Before that point, the lead had been held by Japan’s Toshiro Naraki, Latvia’s Janis Actins and Poland’s Andrzej Radzikowski.

But once he was winning, Olsen didn’t give up his lead — persevering through inclement weather that featured hail and thunderstorms.

Second-place finisher Dennis came from behind to pass Naraki in the final three-quarters of the race.

Meanwhile, in the women’s race Mami Kudo of Japan prevailed after going 252.205km. Americans Sabrina Little and Suzanna Bonn took second and third.

Because of its strong overall showing, Team USA won both the men’s and women’s titles.

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