Boston Runners Share Stories At Toronto Panel

Runners have not had time to reflect on the implications of this year's Boston Marathon. Photo:

They say they have more determination to run after the tragedy.

The tragic bombing at this year’s Boston Marathon has caused runners all over the world to unite. Many have stepped up to donate money and time to support the victims of the terrorist bombing that took place at the finish line on April 15.

And according to an article posted on Canada’s Globe and Mail website, the bombings have given runners determination not to quit.

Yesterday, a panel of distance athletes convened in Toronto to discuss the tragedy. One of the speakers, Jean Marmoreo, finished first in her age group (70-74). Her time was 3:48:57. The bombs detonated 10 minutes after she finished.

“I wasn’t fast, I was lucky,” she said.

“I love this course, I love its challenges, I love the organization, I love the efficiency,” Marmoreo said. “The fact that I finished 10 minutes ahead of the blast only meant that me, like 26,000 other runners, knew nothing about what had happened.”

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