Colorado Runner Breaks 4-Minute Mile Mark

Rory Fraser put on a record-breaking show over the weekend. Photo:

Rory Fraser’s performance came during a high school meet.

A runner from Boulder, Colo. broke the state record in the mile over the weekend.

Rory Fraser completed the race in 4:03.99 at the St. Vrain Invitational track meet, held at Longmont High School.

It was a high school event, but organizers invited elite athletes for a chance to break the 4-minute barrier in the mile. Officials used the NCAA’s convertor tool that accounts for elevation changes and when that was factored in, Fraser’s time was 3:58.17.

Fraser was given $2,500 for his performance, and he donated half to the Lyons and Longmont High Schools.

The previous Colorado record, set in 1976 by Ted Castaneda, was 4:04.86.

The 26-year-old Fraser grew up in England came to the United States to run for the University of New Mexico. He now works as a Nike representative and travels to races.

He staffed the Nike booth all day at the meet, and then slipped into his running shoes and broke the record.

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